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We believe that when you take Creativity, Technology and Marketing and you fuse them together, the inevitable result will be Innovation.

We know that the future is “multi-platform” and that today more than ever a brand’s success lingers on its ability to make us feel something unique and special.

The word "Impossible"​ simply does not exist in our Dictionary. If it's got a digital component we can deliver.

Developing Dreams is what we do.




Graphic and Product Design, Development of Applications or Games, Hardware Development, Directing and Editing Videos, Movies or Advertisements, Music Composition and Production, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, Robotics and Automation... If it has a Digital Side, WE'LL DO IT!


Entertainment Start-Up

the Future

From Lim9's inception we have been working on Solutions & Products focused on taking New Tech to a more widespread audience.

We Believe the Entertainment Industry as a whole is now ready and in need for a disruption and that's exactly what we're working on.

Mixing Old and New to make your Dreams come true.

Dimmersions are the Future of Written Entertainment, a new and immersive way to experience and expand Traditional Media using Mixed Reality and all you need to create it is to add some extra attributes to the webpage that holds the written content!

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