Forum Madeira Fashion

The Augmented
Fashion Show


An Augmented Reality web-app to enhance the 2019 edition of Forum Madeira Fashion and allow its spectators to easily save and purchase in real-time all the fashion items being showcased by the models on the catwalk.


At the beginning of 2019 Forum Madeira (a shopping mall from the International Multi group) approached us with a wish to enhance their yearly Fashion Show with technology so we went to the drawing board.

What came out was a 2-part web-app:

1 - An easily accessible augmented reality experience to go along with the fashion show that brought the Oceans theme to live with multiple marine animals populating the catwalk along with the models and changing in real-time with the different brands being showcased.

2 - The possibility of seeing in real-time all of the items each model was wearing on the catwalk, knowing its exact description, name, reference, colours and sizes available as well as saving that in a favourite list that's easily printable and identifiable by the stores.

The brand activation was, of course, a success a talked about thoroughly on Portuguese Media. During the 2 days of the show, roughly 1500 people used the app, 72% of those saving at least one item on the favourite list and 50% of the brands involved in the show said that people had come in to purchase the items.

Definitely the Fashion Show of the Future, Today.


  • 01. Augmented Reality
  • 02. Web-Development
  • 03. E-Commerce